B.lab is the largest and longest-lasting representative's group at Bocconi. It is a workshop of ideas: a space for innovation and cooperation, active since 2001 and made up of more than 150 members. Our motto is #BeFree, and it comes after our choice of independence, pluralism and freedom: we’re fully self-funded, and do not have any political or religious affiliation.

B.lab is not an electoral roll, it is a project: a landmark for students, that helps them overcome daily struggles, both little and great.


Since 2011 we are given from the students the trust that lets us obtain the majority of seats in Bocconi’s collegial bodies (nowadays, we’re 17 out of 28) and elect the only students’ representative in Bocconi’s Board of Directors In addition, thanks to Unilab – Svolta Studenti, a network established together with students from other universities in Italy, nel 2013 we were able to elect a “bocconiano” to the National Council of University Students (CSNU)for the first time, and we did the same in 2016 and 2019 as well.

We give credit for those great achievements to our vision of students’ representation: it’s many years that we put a serious and constant effort, working day by day and side by side our university’s offices in order to keep the promises we make to the students (click here to give a look to our main #dettofatto).


During these years we organized conferences with great speakers from every sector. We then brought to life Labs, reviews of the most difficult classes, done by students, and some events which made it possible to listen to the testimonies of other students on matters like exchanges, dissertations, and masters… Furthermore, every year we realize handouts, guides, polls, and calculator systems, which make exams and bureaucratic procedures a lot less scary!

Let’s not forget about fun: between Beer Pong tournaments, sold out parties at Parco Ravizza better known as Blab2ThePark, weekends on the snow known as Skilab, Openwine dinners, the participation to the organization of Galà Bocconi and much more, Blab is never boring!


B.lab is a revolutionary experience: it is normal to feel disoriented in a big and competitive University, full of challenges and new things. B.lab can be a great way to overcome shyness, meet people from every course and year and become part of a big group of friends. You are going to be surprised at how many things you can learn cultivating a passion and building something positive for the entire student community. Seeing is believing: we’ll see you at the next open meeting!


'The Media division is a place where creativity is the master, to invent new ways of presenting the association and its activities to students and release updates and useful materials'


‘The International Division is B.Lab’s newest but fastest growing division, and gives international students the opportunity to make their voices heard in Bocconi. With members coming from an array countries and cultures, it allows for a worldly view on all topics covered, from events to study materials and everything in between.’


'Being part of the fundraising division has been a challenge; In fact, looking for new resources for B.lab is equivalent to research the values from and for our partners. This is all made in order to improve students overall experience at University.


'The B.lab Event division is a great occasion to bring enrichment memories for most students inside the University environment, thanks to guests and experts from different sectors. What is really satisfying is to see how a simple idea from a brainstorming can lead to super exciting events.'


'Being part of the teaching division means to be present in the everyday life of students dealing with their studies, through new materials like handouts, review labs or video tutorials'

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Benedetta Burston – +39 333 3685542
Sara Gambardella – +39 331 7366626