Our areas

From creating educational handouts to social media activity, from organizing engaging events to raising funds to support our initiatives, we passionately dedicate ourselves to promoting wellbeing and active participation in every aspect of our mission

Media division

Media Division is everything that is behind B.lab Bocconi: from the posts, stories and Instagram reels, to posters for the conferences and events, up to graphics for t-shirts and sweatshirts

Events division

Carlo Vanzini, Liliana Segre, Marcello Ascani, together with Gucci’s CFO are just some of the names we have hosted at Bocconi with conferences organized by B.lab. Dialogue meetings with important personalities who have shared with students their path to success.

Fundraising division

B.lab's complex machine needs many components to function, and the availability of resources is fundamental! The Fundraising Division aims to create long-lasting and profitable partnerships with many companies, necessary to support the event planning and the activities of the association.

Teaching division

Teaching Division deals with collecting, arranging and organizing study materials such as handouts and notes to make them available to all the students. It provides university guides on various topics, such as internships, Exchange Program, graduation and much more. It manages the Peer2Peer Community groups where students can always find someone to answer their questions.